Measurement solutions for your business

2D and 3D measurement solutions for production, security and safety applications

About Us

For over 15 years we deliver R&D services to a broad range of customers. "R" stands for Research in which we focus on several fields

  • Marker measurements for 3D environments like staircases
  • Visual interpretation of video for safety and production applications
  • Multi-sensor measurements for quality and measurement applications

"D" stands for Development of applications

  • Desktop applications for Windows or Linux
  • Browser applications, accessible everywhere
  • Mobile applications, using on board sensors and connectivity

Powered by Dimensional!

At Dimensional Software we aim to make difficult tasks easier by using sensors, developing our own robust algorithms and by providing a simple, yet insightful interface to our end-users.

  • 01 Getting to know the task

    By thoroughly disussing the goals of the tasks with our customers, we try to figure out the core of the necessary measurements and activities.

  • By fully understanding the physical and mathematical aspects of the task we select one or multiple sensors that are sufficient.

  • As we build our own algorithms, we can create an optimal solution for a certain measurement problem, while using all a-priori knownledge of the object of measurement.



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Olof Palmestraat 14, 2616LR, Delft, The Netherlands